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I am Azra, mother of 2, and I own a web design company for many years but when I get my second baby I decided to have some break. I have used cloth diapers shortly on my first baby and loved health and environmental benefits as well as cost savings. When my second baby is born I decided to start sewing them. When friends and family saw the diapers, they started placing orders for their own, I saw an opportunity to start a small business. I co-joined both passion for design and handcrafted items and made Artesana – handmade studio. We enjoy making beautiful, unique cloth pads, accessories for babies, and their parents, fashion accessories and bags. We also educate parents about health and environmental benefits of using washable products such as cloth diapers, cloth menstrual pads etc.

Artesana provides affordable cloth pads and cloth diapers for the local market, as well as exporting products to countries around the world.

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