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How to wash cloth pads?

You change your reusable pad as regularly as you would a disposable pad, every couple of hours or so depending on your flow. Cloth pads are simple to care for, and once you’ve got your routine going, you’ll hardly notice the few extra minutes it takes to care for them. Washing cloth pads is not […]

What are cloth menstrual pads?

If you’re new to cloth pads, you probably have lots of questions! Learn the how and why behind using cloth menstrual pads here, plus find answers to the most common questions about making the switch. HOW TO USE CLOTH PADS This versatile design ensures thorough cleaning and allows you to make them mini or maxi […]

Period Starter Kit Set- Save money with a kit

Reusable Washable Menstrual Cloth Pads for WomenGreat starter kit for beginners pad users. This value kit contains different pad styles, so you can see what works best for you. Perfect for anyone looking to make their periods more eco-friendly, comfortable and free from toxic chemicals

Cotton Rounds storage – zero waste

Glass is better than plastic when packaging pretty much anything. And every used glass container can and should have a second life…so here is super simple idea to store reusable Cotton Rounds. You can use jojoba, almond or coconut oil to remove makeup and clean the skin. Witch Hazel, Rose water and Aloe Vera are […]