Important info: A letter from Store owner

Dear All,

Thank you all for great support during this hard period. As a small business owner I was trying to be as much proffesional and stand behind my brand but since we depend on many thing I feel like I failed to provide all answers to my customers during this period so I decided to share latest info with you personally.
In compliance with the strict decisions taken by National goverment, we were forced to close all production and our physical store in Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia  ( sadly  it was opened for few months ). Our online shop remains opened but since airlines are suspended the post office didn’t ship anything and all mail is returned to us.
I’m sure many of you understand what stress this cause to me and my whole team, even we don’t have much COVID cases all business will standby at least next month or so on.
But since this our utmost priority is the health of everyone we will stay home and working on new product and ideas.
“In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity”

If your order is not shipped you can
1. Decide to ship later / as soon as post office resume their work with bonus product ( 50% value of your order)
2. Ask for refund – please note that this will take time

HOW you can help?

1. STAY AT HOME – no joking, your health is most important thing now ( don’t ask how do I know)

2 – Buy gift card – Any card purchased in April will increase in value every month from April to July by 15%.
Under the promotion, a 50EUR gift card purchased now will be worth 76EUR in July.

3. Start reading our blog. We will work on having new articles and new products.

If you want to get in touch please use

** Please not our Etsy shop will remain closed.

Remain optimistic, and we look forward to seeing you all very soon in good health and good spirits.

Remember, stay home, stay safe

Bests from Sarajevo,


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