Important info re-opening a shop

Dear buyers, we would like to inform you that the functioning of international postal traffic is still difficult, worldwide, as a result of the situation regarding the COVID-19 virus. However, we decided to start sending packages only to countries where its possible given the closed borders and the suspension of air travel.

List of countries for which it is possible to receive postal items in international traffic at the counters of “JP BH POŠTA” d.o.o. Sarajevo.

Since the level of COVID-19 infection in our country is still high, we have reduced the number of visits to the post office, so we will send all received orders only on certain days of the week.

Country Sending days
Austria Monday & Friday
Belgium Monday & Friday
Denmark Monday & Friday
France Monday & Friday
Netherlands Monday & Friday
Italy Monday & Friday
South Korea Monday & Friday
Norway Monday & Friday
Germany Monday & Friday
Poland Monday & Friday
Romania Monday & Friday
USA Monday & Friday
Spain Monday & Friday
Sweden Monday & Friday
Switzerland Monday & Friday
Turkey Monday & Friday
Ukraine Monday & Friday
United Kingdom Monday & Friday
Argentina Friday only
Belarus Friday only
Brazil Friday only
Bulgaria Friday only
Greece Friday only
Egypt Friday only
India Friday only
Ireland Friday only
Iceland Friday only
Israel Friday only
Japan Friday only
Canada Friday only
China Friday only
Cyprus Friday only
Lithuania Friday only
Luxembourg Friday only
Liechtenstein Friday only
Malta Friday only
Hungary Friday only
Mexico Friday only
Monaco Friday only
Portugal Friday only
Russia Friday only
Slovakia Friday only
Taiwan Friday only
Finland Friday only
Czech Republic Friday only
Croatia Monday & Friday
Serbia Monday & Friday
Slovenia Monday & Friday
Northern Macedonia Monday & Friday


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